About Us

Calm Toolkit is a co-parenting app that enables you to be the best parent you can by managing conflict with your co-parent. You didn’t plan on parenting your kids in two separate households, and you want the best for them: a sense of safety, nurturing and supporting adults, and above all, the freedom to just be kids.

It’s an incredible amount of work to provide for and nurture your children while running a household single-handedly, even in the best of circumstances. If your separation was recent, you’ll also need emotional space to process and heal from that experience. If you don’t have space to care for yourself, you’ll find it even harder to care for your children.

Calm Toolkit was created to help you create that space. Perhaps your co-parent sends you constant emails, accusing you of all sorts of things. You know you should ignore them, but it’s so hard. Your instincts tell you to defend yourself, to answer every accusation, to set the record straight. This is what your ex wants. But you can distance yourself from the chaos. You can use our tools to put up boundaries between yourself and your co-parent, and to prepare yourself if you need to return to mediation or to court.

Use Calm Composer to write emails without stress. Use Calm Reader to save yourself time and energy fielding emails from your co-parent. And use Calm Organizer to save yourself time, stress, and legal fees by giving yourself instant access to years of legal documents, mediator recommendations, and more.

You will also find useful content on our site, including advice for co-parents, tips on co-parenting with narcissists and other high-conflict co-parents, links to valuable co-parenting resources, and help with self care and finding a support team.

With our co-parenting app, you can stop wasting time on conflict and start spending more time on what really matters: your children.